Monday, August 15, 2011

When First Buds Push Winter Away

If there were a way to rid ourselves of Winter and her blues, I'm sure by now we'd be in the flush of Spring. I have a friend who counts the remaining cold weather days and lets us all know on FB how many miserable, sunless skies are owed to us before the weather turns. (16 for those who are not in the know)

Not that anyone told Spring to hold off 'til then. She's steaming ahead with buds and baby blossoms, already squeezing themselves out of dead looking branches and long forgotten bulbs. 

During a brief moment of wonder and bewilderment, my family recently contemplated moving from our current house to a nearby neighbourhood. After careful consideration we decided to stay put and enjoy our 10th year in this house and garden.

And I'm glad we're staying. For there is no other patch on earth embroidered with the fingerprint of family to match our garden. Lilacs and hydrangeas festoon the garden beds, the touch of my dear Mum who divided her own plants (originally my grandmother's) so I may share in her blooms. Cornflower blue Forget-Me-Nots pepper the walkways and skirt larger shrubs, a gift from my dear Mother-In-Law. A raspberry patch, now looking very much a bed of sticks, will overgrow by summer into a lush reminder of dear Father-In-Law, who one afternoon raided his own berry patch to gift us with a taste of summer. Then in autumn, quince and fig trees, gifts from my dear Dad, will bless our table with mouth-watering fruits. 

While I may not see these family members everyday, I do enjoy their gifts as I spy my garden from the window. I won't kid you. I avoid going out there this time of year. But with the promise of Spring and warmer weather, I plan to pull weeds for the chickens and make room for all the lush newness.

And while I potter among the first buds of the season, I know I will be thankful for family who have shared themselves with us and poured all good things into our home. From cuttings and slips of plants, to physical traits and characteristics, ... to the most important, our Christian heritage and everlasting legacy of faith. 

Do you have the fingerprint of loved ones in your garden? How about on your heart? Has someone divided their own blessings and multiplied them by sharing with you?

For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;
The flowers appear on the earth; 
the time of the singing ... is come.
Song of Songs 2:11