Thursday, October 29, 2009

God's Perfect Sequence

My GPS told me we were 40 minutes away from our destination as we barreled down the freeway towards Bacchus Marsh for the Agape Women's Retreat last Friday. Sitting beside me, my good friend Ola studied her own GPS, showing an alternate route for the same destination. So why, with 2 navigational devices did it take us more than an hour to arrive?
Choices. Let's just say Ola and I 'chose' a sequence of turns which took us the scenic route. Thinking we were smarter then the GPS, we bypassed one possible exit and kept going, sending my GPS into a frenzy as it quickly reformatted and calculated our next move.
My GPS has a name. Jane is the navigator with a British accent. She sounds like she knows what she's doing, and I trust her because there is a satellite somewhere in the sky telling her what's ahead, and then she tells me. If our 'relationship' is going to work though, I need to obey Jane's instructions. If I chose to ignore her I may end up lost. Thankfully, our little detour was not a major deviation, and we were soon back on course. We followed her directions this time to the letter, and ended up where we needed to be, Sunnystones Country Retreat. This solid rock complex set on 50 acres just outside Bacchus Marsh in Victoria was the ideal place for us to unwind and connect in ways we could never do on a Sunday morning after church. Some worked on craft projects, others read by the fire, while some simply napped in the corner. And when we came together to eat we indulged in gourmet fare cooked with love by Anthea and Ann.
When we gathered together to connect on a deeper level and look at our theme for the weekend, it was no coincidence our meditation was on "The Choices Women Make". Using Biblical examples, Laraine walked us through the lives of women who needed to trust God and make a choice to reach out to Him with their needs. We looked at Hannah, as well as the woman who touched the hem of Jesus' garment. In desperation they took their heart's cry to God and trusted Him to answer.
Later we were encouraged to consider a time when we chose to come to God with our own dilemma. How did He help? And what about today? What do I need to bring to Him now? Will I chose to do it?
There is so much to be gained by remembering the many times God has answered our prayers. His faithfulness and gifts to us are immeasurable. His directions are always perfect as is His destination. 

"Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground." Psalm 143:10

Are your choices taking you the wrong way, or are you choosing to follow God's Perfect Sequence for your life? His very own GPS for you. The road ahead is not always smooth but He promises to go before us. Are you letting Him lead the way?