Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Black Saturday

When a cluster of raging firestorms exploded through large areas of the Victorian bush in February this year, it destroyed property and livestock, and claimed the lives of 173 people. The town of Marysville, known to locals as 'God's Eden' became front page news when it was wiped off the map, as the day etched itself into our history and memories as Black Saturday. With temperatures reaching a devastating 46.4°C (115.5°F) the inevitable had occurred. 

Six months later Australia’s worst natural disaster was revisited in the Weekly Times, still smoldering in the minds of witnesses in horror and disbelief.
"Locals say the flames on Back Saturday were half a kilometer high, the radiant heat so intense that even ceramics melted. Water was sucked out of creeks, trees ripped from the ground by the fire's ferocity, houses vaporized." 

For those who have chosen to stay and rebuild, a mammoth task awaits. But as new buildings and infrastructure slowly reappear, so is life in the scorched remains of the bush. Dead looking tree stumps are showing signs of life. With the welcome arrival of Spring, tufts of green appear, as leaves and saplings make their way from the source of life hidden within.
This photo, taken a few ago weeks shows the regeneration of the Victorian bush. Beauty is replacing the ashes and transforming the ugly into something life promising.


Life's lessons are often learned by watching nature. The cycle of life, death and rebirth is all around us. God displays it in so many pictures and His object lessons are worth observing. His breath of life is on the charcoal log, not dead as it appears, but transformed by the trial of the storm.