Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Motives of the Heart
Have you ever wondered why God allows you to be drawn into circumstances which are not of your choosing, often painful and maybe even dangerous? Are you trapped and wondering what purpose God could possibly have for you in the midst of distress?
These are the same questions asked by Grace Wescott in MaryLu Tyndall's 
The Raven Saint.
One minute Grace is ministering to the destitute, sick and orphaned in her home in South Carolina in 1718. The next moment she finds herself kidnapped by the mercenary French sea captain Rafe Dubois and headed into the stormy waters of slavery in the Caribbean. Why would God take her away from her ministry to have her thrown into the hull of a pirate ship? While Grace battles to hold onto her faith, believing she has been sent to draw someone to God, Rafe Dubois fights his own battle, tormented by his past and the betrayals which have hardened his heart.
Will Grace be able to minister to the crew around her, or will she discover God has brought her to a place where the lessons are for her own heart? 

The Raven Saint is the third in M L Tyndall's Charles Towne Belles Series, but can be read as a stand alone book. It's a fast paced adventure on the high seas, with plenty of life lessons and the necessary romantic dips which rock the boat and stir the waves as our hero and heroine navigate their way to true love.