Monday, March 01, 2010

The Note
 by Angela Hunt
This week I read the sort of book I would like to write one day. It had me thinking about the characters even when the book was out of reach while I was doing other things. You've read books like that too, I'm sure. You think you'll finish the chapter and put it away until later on.... but then later on arrives and you're still sitting where you were an hour ago. And you're still reading!

This book is not a new release. In fact The Note was even made into a movie a few years ago. But it was my first time reading this writer and I think I gulped it down quicker than I normally do. That's what happens when the book's a good one and you can't let it go. But there was one moment when I had to put the book down. 

There I was curled up in my favorite comfy wingback, book in hand, coffee in the other, when the story took an unexpected twist.  Startled, I took a deep breath at the same moment my lips took a sip of coffee. A mixture of coughing and spluttering forced me to put the book down and rescue the remains of my hot drink... all the while pondering this sudden switch for the protagonist. 

I can remember a few times in my life when reading has got me in trouble, (mainly caused by selective hearing) but I've never risked a scalding as the result of a good book. After laughing at myself and reclaiming my reading spot, I had a silent word with Angela Hunt, the author of this book.

"You got me in an emotional grip back in chapter one. What I didn't expect was to almost choke and burn as I neared the final chapter. Thanks for the great read. And thanks for the great writing lesson."

Have you read anything recently which almost made you fall out of your chair? Good writing does that. Writers aim to move their reader emotionally, but sometimes they can also experience a physical shift.
A book may move you to change your habits, inspire you to take action or give you the courage to take  baby steps. Words crafted by a storyteller can transport you to another world, while words flung by an angry heart are like drawn swords. (Ps 55:21) 

Thank you Angela Hunt. Your words were like a bomb blast.