Friday, June 18, 2010

Facebook Friday
Are you one of those people who goes to the letter box 100 times a day? If you have Facebook, you may well be. According to Facebook's own media release, over 500 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each month. 

Like me, you may dabble in web links, news, blog posts, photo albums and much more. Now that the digital letter box has entered our homes, we have embraced it and even elevated it to a place of great prominence. For many it sits in the heart of our family rooms, bedrooms and studies. For many more it sits in our lap and even the palm of our hand. 

So what do you do, when a quick Facebook check ends up robbing you of time you hoped to spend elsewhere? Where does the day go when a mini Facebook break turns into a marathon photo viewing session, and you jump from one friend to another... and quite possibly check out their friends as well? 

There's a lot to read on Facebook. It's all there. I find prayer requests, inspirational quotes, announcements and suggestions. Each day I read the disappointments and venting of those who have been hurt, as well as declarations of love. (Grandparents are the best love gushers.) 

People were created to communicate. It's inbuilt, by a God who is a master at sending messages. He talks to us everyday, if we care to listen.

Last week I decided to add even more value to my Facebook minutes. Each Friday I'll be awarding a prize (sorry it won't be a car - simple cyber applause will have to suffice) to the writer of the status which challenged my thinking the most that week. After all, if even one of those 500 billion minutes has my name on it, I want to walk away a better person for it. 

So, it's my pleasure to announce Ann C as the winner of
  Facebook Friday
Her status from a few weeks ago (I've been saving them so I can get a running start) grabbed my attention, and shaped a longing I hope you will share. Ann wrote;

  I want my Bible to look like my Aunty's who died this week- tattered, marked, used, loved.

What a beautiful observation of a beloved aunt. Here is someone who cherished the deepest form of communication. Through her love of God's word and His message to her, as well as Ann's tribute, I have been blessed. I hope you have too.