Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Three Awards... and An Award

Like most of my writing friends I shut myself away and spend many hours at the computer working on my story. Some say writing is a lonely occupation and there are days when I feel it. Thanks to the blogging world, the most unexpected bursts of 'love' came my way recently, and once again I'm awash in the glow of cyber-warmth.

In this last fortnight I have been the recipient of four awards by some wonderful blogging friends.

Ceemee @ Cazzapoeia
Ellen Marie @ Mama Pike's Happy Home
Sr. Ann Marie @ Franciscan Life

have all awarded me
A Blog With Substance award. This made my day, and I am thrilled these kind souls have seen past the pretty pictures (which I love to add)  and connected with the heart of what I write.

Kimberly @ The Stinker Pinker also sent through a surprise package and honored me with The Versatile Blogger award.  Thanks so much guys, you are true encouragers!

Psalm 68:6 reminds me of the promise that "God sets the lonely in families..." 

How abundantly God has provided for me. Each day I am showered by the love of my many families. My real life family with all its beautiful branches, my church, friends and neighbours, and the reason for this post... my amazing writing 'sisters' ( as well as some very cool writing brothers.)