Friday, July 08, 2011

Facebook Friday

Congratulations to Nicole O'Dell from Illinois for being this week's Facebook Friday award recipient with this awesome post last week.

At Panera - Need to clear my mind and get some work done today. 
BTW, when you hear an Aussie speak do you automatically smile? 
Me too?

Thanks Nicole! I take that as a compliment... even though I sometimes wonder why?

You may be like me and have a phobia of hearing your accent when away from home. Against the lovely rolled r's of our North American friends, somehow my Aussie accent sounds...well, SO AUSSIE! Like I'm about to spring into a chorus of Oi Oi Oi and sing about Vegemite sandwiches.

Last year in Indiana, one well meaning gentleman overheard me in an 'elevator' (they told me it wasn't a 'lift') and asked if we had Rs where I come from.

Um, yes... I just used one then. When I said the word... car. And before, when I said... dinner. But no. My new friends heard caaaah and dinnauhh.

I guess the sound of an Aussie can be amusing. I hope people smile when they hear my voice. And when they read my writing I want more than a grin. I want to grab my reader by the heart and tug a little... maybe even a lot.

Can I draw a tear? Can I make you squirm? Will my writing cause you to wonder, shiver and get your heart racing? Will you be faced with questions only God can answer?

I hope so, 'cause this Aussie voice has stories to share.

Are you like Nicole? Do you smile when you hear an Aussie accent? Please let me know....

And if it's Aussie voices you're wanting to hear...  please join me at Christian Writers Downunder for even more Oi Oi Oi.