Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How long does it take to fall in love?
A lifetime. Each and every day preferably.

Don't you just love that question... and answer? I read it in Melbourne's The Age newspaper recently. The writer commented anonymously on a relationship blog and gave his answer to why some find love, while others never do. Why some couples who once had it, wonder where it's gone...

When love is something you cherish every day, then every day is the perfect day to fall in love.

This is why so many are drawn to read romance. We don't just relish that one moment of conquest, when the hero secures the heroine and makes her his forever. (Although that is a pretty fine moment!) We all identify with the victories which lead to forever. The small yet poignant moments when even a look is as powerful as a grand gesture. And sometimes, even more so.

When grand gestures become yesterday's story, it's the adding together of a lifetime of everything else, which keeps us loving. It's the hard work, the silent death to self, the giving... when we think we have no more to give.

It's one more step, as promised by two dear friends at their wedding a few months ago.

I, Nathan, take you, Melanie, to be my beautiful wife. 
It is my promise to you from this day forward, 
to make every effort to step out for you no matter the cost.

In faith, in hope, and in love... one more step.
In our laughter and sadness... I will take one more step.
In our good times and bad times... I will take one more step.

When life is easy, and we are in passionate love,
I will take one more step.
When life is stressful and chaotic and I feel like we are drifting apart, 
I will take one more step.

In the times when I fell like I simply can't take one more step
... I will take one more step.