Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I've Been Asked To Be A Slave. 

So, I'm going to. Be one. At an auction, for the highest bidder.

I'm not selling all of me, only a piece of 'me'. Actually two pieces of me. The sale will take place this Saturday at the launch of a fundraiser for the redevelopment of my home church's facilities, to open our building up to those who happily crowd it now, and hopefully many new faces in the days ahead.

I won't be the only slave. Many others have offered services, their time or their worldly goods, to be added to the auction items. But how does a writer of romance turn herself into a slave? I'm glad you asked.

Here's what I've come up with for lucky bidder No.1.

A Devonshire Tea hamper for two. Delivered to your door, this will include one basket filled with freshly baked scones, home-made jams (my own - apricot and plum), and vanilla cream. Added to this, will be tea or coffee of your choice, and other mystery goodies (probably of the chocolate variety) in keeping with the afternoon tea theme and guaranteed to make your taste buds pop. As a writer of romance, I can't help but hope my basket will be bought by someone who wishes to court their true love, perhaps with a Valentine's Day picnic in mind.

For lucky bidder No.2, there is no food on offer. Sorry.

As much as I love my baking, and slaving over a hot oven, I also slave my way through words and scenes, each day. So here's my other auction item.

For the successful bidder, I offer the opportunity to name a character in my historical romance, The Everlasting. This means, you may choose your very own name to feature in my story, or if it does not suit the late 1800s, you may nominate your husband, kids or grandkids. Or you could honour your grandmother. Or pay homage to your address and immortalise your street name, if you love it that much.

Isn't that fun? YOU get to choose a name, and I give it to one of my characters. Who wouldn't want to do that? The real question is.... how many bidders will fight over it, and how high will they go to see their name within the pages of a love story?

Have you ever featured in such an auction? What would you have fun offering if you were asked to be a slave?