Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19 - Funny

There's no one like a dear friend, one who's travelled the road with you for over 20 years, to appreciate the dire need to dislocate arms and necks in the pursuit of a decent photo. These days, we're experts at holding the phone camera way above our heads for most candid shots. Yes, we hold the giggles in as best we can, and the camera as high as our arms allow, to capture the most flattering shot of chins and eyes and minimise as much of gravity's assault, as we possibly can.

Thankfully we have other tricks up our sleeve too. Luminescence and Instagram layer and illuminate us with tones we can only dream about in real life. Gone is the drab cafe light which washed us out in the original this afternoon. Now golden highlights bounce off our hair. And warmth from our skin.

After some tweaking we can share ourselves on the internet without the fear of looking like an alpaca and horse. (Trust me when I admit there are photos, deleted for fear of potential exposure, where our grins spill across the little screen with frightening resemblance to creatures from some back paddock.)

This is when we share our school girl moment. When we lose it and well up with tears at the sight of ourselves as we really are. We dab at our lashes so as not to mess our mascara, and our throats become a little phlegmy. Laughter and unladylike guffaws wipe away any other distractions and we become lost for a moment in 'the funny' no one else can see.

I've cried with this dear girl many times over the last two decades. In His generosity, God's made sure she's a fixture in my life. A sister I can't do without. There's is no one else who makes me laugh the way she does and even if we end up looking like herd animals, it's worth every racoon-eyed, snot-nosed, throat-clogged moment of 'funny' we can endure.

Lucky for us, when it comes to frivolity, our endurance is pretty amazing!
Here's to more days like today.

Love ya Kerryn :)