Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 24 - An Animal

The celebration of my dear mother-in-law's birthday today, brought the family out to the farm she and dear father-in-law tend in country Victoria. And what better place to collide with a village planning it's Autumn Harvest festival and the preparations for that event tomorrow.

Getting a head start, quilters converged to ooh and aah over hand made beauties. They foraged through two rooms of a converted cottage, where bolts of cloth from all over the world lined the walls with pretties my sister-in law and I could only drool over.

And that's where I found my animal inspiration. I could've photographed the chickens and sheep on the family farm, or the new celebrity puppy, but there was no way I could slip past this big-eared cutie in the quilt shop.

So please enjoy her for a moment. Take in her hounds-tooth hide and home made dress. She's all I love about hand crafts. Something beautiful, fashioned from what could very well have been scraps, from one talented needle-woman's basket. Little Miss Big-Ears will make someone very happy. I only wish I'd thought fast and been that someone, myself.

Have a wonderful weekend. :)