Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 31- Where You Relax

A very apt prompt for today. After 31 days of blogging, I'm ready to sit and relax in my favourite spot. Mama's Chair. This is from where I survey all that goes on in the hub of Crabapple House, from my cosy corner of the family room.

Up against the bay window, I hear my chickens when they squawk outside, and incredibly, the tap of oranges as they ripen on the tree and scrape against the glass.

More importantly, this is where I see and hear my family as they rummage for food and look for the lost remote controls and phones. Where we converge to connect, when we're not texting each other from the various rooms in the house.

Someone once told me the best place to sit was in a corner with your back against the wall. Always face the door so you know who's coming and going, and never let anyone take you by surprise. (I think he wanted to be in the secret service.) While there's no urgency to fend off double agents here, I do prefer the coziness that comes from a favourite chair in the corner. The spot I call mine, with my knitting close by and the sun on my shoulders. This is where I relax. Where I check my emails on my phone and watch dear friends come and go when they visit my blog.

I'll be looking for this chair by the end of today. I have a full list of chores waiting for me and when I've ticked off all my to-dos, I shall sink there and enjoy the familiar warmth of my Mama's Chair. 

And while I do, I shall be deeply grateful you have followed my March Photo A Day challenge and encouraged me here. I've been thrilled each day by the cheers of many who've popped in to comment here, comment on my links to this challenge on Facebook, and simply like my photos as I've shared them. I've seen your flags appear on my feed and smiled each time.

In the month of April I will continue with my love of all things romance and yesteryear. I have a wonderful line up of historical romance authors to get to know and lots of free books to give away.

Do you have an e-reader? Kindle or something similar? Charge the battery people, we are in for a wonderful list of gifts and new books to explore.

Have a wonderful weekend.
God bless