Thursday, March 08, 2012

March 8 - Window

I made two discoveries this morning as I lay across our staircase to take today's photo. 

1. I have a new found respect for photographers.

I've seen them contort indelicately to capture the best angle for their shots, but now I have a new appreciation for the twisting of bodies in the name of art. And glad I am, as a writer, I can sit at the computer with my shawl and peppermint tea and create scenes which don't require the scraping of my spine along hard wooden steps. 

2. I haven't watched a cloud pass me by in ages. 

I must run up and down our stairs countless times each day, and while my eye might catch on the goings-on at ground level, I hardly ever stop to look up through this window. See those clouds in my picture? They were gone after I took this shot. In two seconds the view changed and I sat there for a long while, looking at the moving sky as if it were new to me. 

I wondered how many moments of splendour I've missed in my rush to get to where I think I should be. How many times God has reached for me when I've been busy doing my own thing, and how many others share the same regrets I do. 

It's been 8 days of photo taking so far. And while I've used this challenge to kick-start my daily blog posts as well as play the Marchphotoaday game, I've gleaned a little more than writing and photography.

I've slowed down and looked at my world in a new way. Considered what surrounds me, and how it came to be there. 

And I'm seeing afresh how God fits into and above everything I gather for my nest. He sent the clouds to fashion the skies. He drapes me with feathers and protects my writing dream. He's the keeper of days and clocks only count what He allows. He gives me reason to smile, a story to tell, sets me in the neighbourhood where I live and provides my daily bread. And figs. And cheese. 

And at every turn, gives me reason to look up. 

My help comes from the Lord. The maker of heaven and earth. 
Psalm 121:2