Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Dear Autumn, You Can Come Any Day...

Autumn, and in particular the month of May, have always brought a delicious goodness to my soul. I'm a May baby, and when I was a child, our school breaks were such that my birthday fell during the term one holidays. Bliss for a little girl, who liked reading at home better than anything else.

So you'll forgive me if I don't delight in Summer with all her berries and seaside languor. If I bypass Spring and her luscious promises. Even Deep Winter, which I am not afraid to embrace, does not thrill me the same way a May day can.

Thankfully, Melbourne offers an autumn I cannot fault. Roll your eyes if you must, at the mess of leaves, the loss of daylight and the inching in of colder days, and even colder nights. But that's exactly what I welcome.

Bunkering down. Comfort foods and sweet hot drinks. Blankets and fires and fog in the morning, with a bathing of glorious afternoon sun.

With this turning of the seasons, families turn too. Inward, to the simmering pot. To the blaze of the heater and the hunt for long forgotten scarves. The wrapping of one another in layers and flavours not remembered til now.

Yes, I'm one who loves to nestle. To find that familiar groove and slip in. Autumn gives me that, and I look forward to it every year with the same anticipation of a birthday. Oh wait... it's time for that too....

How about you? Tell me why you love your favourite season.

(photo source - rhubarb in the garden)