Friday, May 25, 2012

When Words Beckon

I am bombarded by words. My own, and those penned by others. I have tons of historical research texts, more delicious to me than chocolate covered liquorice. Then there are words sent to nudge or wink. Facebook posts, designed to catch my attention for a split second the way a neighbour might as they wave from the other side of the road. Texts from my Beloved. Emails, newsletters, blogs and forums. Notes left by my children. They all blink at me.

And then there's God. He beckons each day. To cheer and encourage. To correct. And show the way forward. To bless with a cover of love.

I'm so hungry for words I often take more in than I can chew. I have so few places to hide where they can't find me. But how do you bookmark everything you want to savour? How do you allow what is profound to linger and not be swallowed by the flood which will come in it's wake?

Before I reached the ranks of motherhood, a wise woman, mother to four young boys at the time, and with one more to add to her brood, gave me sage advice I have not forgotten.

Mia told me, in the busyness of life she would leave her Bible open on the kitchen bench. It would sit there all day like a slow burning lantern. She may have only read a few verses that morning before little ones needed her, but she knew her mind would play those words over and over, if left in an obvious place. While she juggled toddlers on her hip or nursed babies in another room, her eye would catch on the open Bible, and she would meditate on the words already planted in her heart that day. When she could, she would revisit them, and read on.

Great tip, isn't it? Thank you, dear Mia. I have practised this myself over the years. Allowed God's words to touch my heart by keeping them near. Even in this age of gadgets and monitors, I leave a page open on my computer with today's scripture reading. Ready to prod my mind to consider afresh what God has for me. As I change pages on my screen to find an online thesaurus, or shift from my inbox to my own stories, there it is. Like a well loved Bible on the kitchen bench. Open. And beckoning.

How do you keep God's words close, when so much competes for our attention?

Your word is a lamp for my feet; 
a light on my path. Psalm 119:105


And many congratulations to Lee Franklin. You are the lucky Ink Dots winner of Michael Humphrey's All Living. I guess you will have more words to fit into your world too, now. Happy reading. I'm sure you'll love it.

Blessings for a wonderful weekend,
(photo source - rhubarb in the garden)