Friday, June 08, 2012

Don't Wait for Someday

I love beautiful things. I love to place them on the high shelf. The deep box. Behind a glass door.

I saw a new commercial on TV this week with a message I've struggled to embrace for some time.

It's an ad for Twinnings Tea, which reminds drinkers and non drinkers to stop and savour the things in life we normally save for someday.

I am guilty of saving. Of keeping special things in locked cupboards and velvet pouches for that special day when they deserve to come out.

But in saving, I've earned some losses. Days turn into years and the precious stuff I wrap in cotton wool fades into a sweet memory, and nothing more.

So, spurred on by this commercial, I dug into my cupboard yesterday and pulled out a beautiful scarf I bought a few years ago for a trip to the US. I don't know why I kept it safe so long, I guess because it made up part of my wardrobe for a special occasion (the 2010 ACFW conference) and nothing at home matched that.

Silly Dotti. I draped that cerise wrap over my shoulders and walked through the autumn leaves with my Beloved on our daily walk. No more digging into the old hat and glove box by the door for me.

Because Home is the real special occasion. 
And nothing can match that. 
With or without the tea. 

What do you have squirrelled away that should be enjoyed today? 

Here's someone who will be enjoying a great read, someday soon. Congratulations, Diana Flowers! You've won Karen Witemeyer's Short-Straw Bride. I know you will relish every word. Perhaps while you sip tea from your best china teapot and cup. 

Blessings for a wonderful weekend.