Friday, June 29, 2012

Pyjamas 'Til Lunchtime

The school bell has rung for the last time... well, at least for another three weeks for our family. School is out for the term break, and holidays are in. And in a Crabapple House tradition, we revert to our much-loved holiday mode... Pyjamas 'Til Lunchtime

And when winter mornings under feather doonas shift nearer to lunchtime, the teenagers of this household will emerge to make plans. They'll knock off some of their mandatory homework and fix times to catch up with friends to shoot some hoops. They'll turn on the x-box, Facebook chat their peeps and yell at the TV as their favourite footy stars miss goals and hit the post. They'll Instagram a photo of the massive egg and bacon feast they cook up, and check in when they arrive at the local cinema to watch the latest movie

All part of being a kid on holidays in an age of gadgets and instant communication. 

Hit the rewind button. Press 100 years or more, and here's a snapshot of Australian kids at play in simpler times. Granted, they're younger than my own older teens, but I know you'll love  this slice of history, courtesy of the State Library of Victoria. 

All wearing hats, boys wearing ties, girls in frilly dresses, circa 1893
Children on verandah in a toy cart, pretending to be pulled along by a wooden horse, circa 1900

Girl in plaits, with six young children playing and skipping rope, circa 1910

Three young children playing in a garden, circa 1930

Blind children, boys running guided by ropes, girl skipping, children playing ring-a-rosie, circa 1912

What do you miss about being a kid on holidays? Is there something you wish your children could enjoy, from your good old days?

Enjoy the weekend,