Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Land of Smiles

I'm taking a mini blogging break to fly into the Far East and meet up with my Beloved in Bangkok. He's been in Asia on business for a few weeks, and I get to join him, to play tourist in The Land of Smiles

Thailand was once our home away from home. We lived in the heart of Bangkok for twelve months when our family was much younger. So much younger in fact, two of our children were just past toddler-hood. And one was safely tucked in my belly. 

I've not been back since that wonderful year, and I'm thrilled for this opportunity to revisit a country which holds many of our precious memories. 

It's where I gave birth to our youngest, and where our daughter lost her first tooth. Where our eldest son had his first proper barber haircut and where both kids saw their first real cinema movie. (Mr Magoo) 

It's where they learned to swim, to read and how to salute. (At the guard, stationed at the gatehouse of our apartment building.)

And where we all learned the value of a smile, when words were not enough. 

So you'll excuse me while I sip a lime num-ma-now, ... and reacquaint myself with a sweet slice of my own family's history. 

Back soon.... Sawatdee Kha