Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Golden Threads

Sandy track leading to 'our beach.'
I'm in the middle of that delicious cluster of weeks where I get to research my next book. 

Book 2 of my Phillip Island series. And it's like living in a room littered with golden threads. Which ones to use straight away, which ones to save just incase... which ones to put in another box for Book 3...?

Sigh. Did I say this is delicious? 'Cause it really is. Part play, part creation, I don't think I'll need to watch a movie for a while. I have one running in my head, reel after reel, like a disjointed mash of scenes.

I'm thrilled to be revisiting the location of The Everlasting. Phillip Island is too beautiful to leave after only one book. And with my thread-box still spilling with richness, I can see myself in the groove I've created, for some time. 

Like a bower bird, I've collected details about this wind swept island. Make no mistake. This is no tropical oasis with frangipani for your hair. The settlers who turned this place into home fought the scrub with fire just to clear the land. Houses were little more than crude dwellings, made of raw materials the fire didn't consume.

Sunset on our road. Photo Source - Matt Adamek

But that's where they started. Fortunately, for a bower bird, collector of history and lover of all things old like myself... they transformed a formidable volcanic outcrop into something comfortable. With all the fancies the Victorian era could offer. 

Now, it's one of Australia's favourite tourist attractions. And for 30 years, I've been one of those holiday makers who calls Phillip Island their summer home. (And any other time I escape there.)

And why has it hooked my heart? Much of that I've put in The Everlasting - but have a look at these pictures. Taken by me and my budding photographer son, they capture some of what I'd love to share when my book hits the shelves. 

Under the jetty

Island Bush Scene

The Walk to Red Rocks

Farm Gate

Olde Worlde Farm Well

Into the Kitchen Garden

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my story location. Have you visited Phillip Island? Seen the penguins waddle home at dusk? Perhaps you're not from around here. You may have heard of the famous Phillip Island Penguin Parade or the Motogp.

Perhaps... if you're too far to visit, you may taste a little of this gorgeous spot, when you read The Everlasting.