Friday, September 21, 2012

Watching... and waiting

My nose is pressed against the window. I'm watching many of my dear writing friends post about their time at the ACFW conference in Dallas this week. And I'm not in the thick of it. 

That stings a little. (Insert long sigh. Ok, and one more for good measure.) 

I didn't think it would hurt to be left out, but these things sneak up on a lonely writer and knock your teeth out just when you thought you might smile. 

Thanks to facebook and emails, I've been keeping up with the antics of friends let loose in hotels with too much adrenalin and way too much chocolate.

Like peeking at a party through a window, I'm going to stay where I can taste a little of what's going on. I'll fill in the gaps using memories from my turn in 2010 when I got to giggle with the best of them... and wait for another inbox morsel.

While I'm waiting, I'll be praying for these writing partners and mentors. Praying for heartfelt sharing and deep growth, while they strive to become even more of the writer God has planned for them. 

And in that prayer, I'll be whispering. Daring to voice my longing to return this time next year. Handing over my writing dreams in heartfelt sighs, when words get stuck in the back of my throat.

Are you longing for something to happen by this time next year? Do you pray that far ahead... or keep your talks with God about the here and now?

Blessings for a wonderful weekend,