Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I've been asked before, so I'm going to put it here for my dear blogging friends... 

No, Australians do not celebrate Thanksgiving. The holiday is not a part of our history or traditions... but I'm a fan of the concept and would be cooling a few pumpkin pies on the kitchen table right about now, if the day belonged to us as well. 

Much of what I know about Thanksgiving comes straight from television families - The Brady Bunch, the Waltons, the Barone family. And Charlie Brown. 

Courtesy of Pinterest, I'm quite familiar with the Thanksgiving Table. (How could I not?) I think I could pull a snazzy menu together without too much trouble, although I'm not sure I'd have any luck decorating with russet, tangerine and pilgrim's purple with late spring at my door. (Wait... I think pilgrim's purple is in the garden, but it's looking decidedly summery beside my rose petals.)

Thanks to Facebook, I've watched friends count down the days and name their blessings one by one. No fancy table settings there, no step by step instructions for the perfectly cooked gobbler. Only words. Sincere and from the deepest part of who they are, for all God's blessings and His presence in their lives. 

Every day this month, I've followed these friends as they've laid a path of thankfulness. A borderless table of hands pressed in thanks. 
And so I'll add my own today. 

I'm thankful for those who pray for me each morning. For those who share God's heart through their own. Those who laugh with me and those who stop to cry. For those who forgive and those who forget. I'm thankful for those who do none of these things and still fill my days with all things sweet. 

And I'm thankful for you, as you slip here to read me. For every single comment and encouragement. 

I am thankful for my Saviour - the greatest author and finisher I know.


So now I'm thinking...Who says Australians don't stop for Thanksgiving? I guess some of us do...

If you're celebrating, many blessings for your special day. If you're not sitting down at a Thanksgiving table, you're welcome to sit at mine. Come, share your thankful heart with me. 
(Photo Source - The Murmuring Cottage)