Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Open Library

Ever wanted to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast, just to get your hands on that incredible library? To be in that room dedicated to books and stories, too many to count, shelves too high you cannot reach the top? 

Soon enough, your dream may come true. But you'll have to work at it too, if the good people at Open Library have anything to do with it. 

Their aim is to create an internet site where every book ever written has it's own web page. You read that right. Every. Single. Book. Ever written.... with its own page. And this is where the library doors swing open, for YOU.  

Readers are invited to add their favourites, if they're not already in the catalogue. Writers are encouraged to list their works and in seconds, you too can join literary greats and those destined for greatness, and all those in between. 

Titles include e-books and because of this, online reading and borrowing of some kind is possible. (I haven't explored this option yet but you may find a great read in seconds.)

We start in the year 1008 with a Hebrew Bible, (unless you have something older to add). From there, we wind through the history of the world, right up to whatever a member may have added in the last 4 seconds. You will find a big hit of books, my friends. So far, over 20 million. And you're allowed to add to this ever growing number. 

Move over Beast, your library just got dwarfed. 

So what are you waiting for? Go add your favourites. Grab your own masterpieces and let the world know you're out there too. I spotted some of my favourite Christian authors when I skirted around the shelves. And you could be next.

Come, scratch your place into the history of stories. That top shelf is now within our reach. So get going... add something. 
The Open Library is .... open. One web page for every book.

If you get lost there, that's ok. When you find your way out, come back here and share the tale with me. Tell me what you added.

Enjoy. And you're welcome.
(photo source - pinterest)