Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Betwixt Endings and Beginnings ...

With the school gate firmly shut for another year, I’m thrilled to settle into summer holiday mode. The early morning alarm is off, the school bags packed away... and school shoes? The only place for our school shoes at year's end... is the bin.

While I anticipate the long hot months ahead, and pack our bags for the beach, I thrill just as much at the empty calendar months of 2013. 

Don’t you think an empty calendar holds so much promise? I do...
So much potential, with its clean white sheets and room to scribble plans, prayers, adventures... longings. 

Today I’ve been busy scheduling 2013 blog posts for Christian Writers Downunder and filling Monday author slots for Ink Dots. Before I knew it, I had most dates pencilled in right up ‘til July! Boy, the new year’s flying already and we haven’t even sung auld lang syne. 

Spurred on by efficiency, I let my mind race into an idea I’ve mulled over for a while. Something to take Ink Dots from January to December and fill that desire for all things old fashioned.

So please consider this an early invitation. I humbly invite you to follow the footprint I’ll make next year each Friday with... 

52 Steps To Yesteryear

I want to share a taste of all things olde worlde as each new season passes us by. The way one of my characters may have passed the day in the Australian Colonial era. 

Are you with me? Want to slip away each Friday (just for a moment or two) to yesteryear and leave your footprint beside mine? 

I know for now most of us are gathering the threads of Christmas ... as we should. So I’ll share more of my 52 Steps To Yesteryear as the old year fades into the new. I hope you’ll share the journey, and perhaps... dip your toes into the fun.