Friday, February 01, 2013

52 Steps To Yesteryear - Week 5, Grow Hydrangeas

Hydrangea Bowl - Pinterest
I need a little blue. In every room and around every bend in the garden.  

After almost twenty years, my grandmother's pride and joy garden became mine, when she went to a far better paradise, and I took up where she left off. During the ten years I was blessed to tend it, it became the learning ground for a hobby I still love. Much of what I've planted in the small garden around Crabapple House, originally started off as slips from my granny's garden. 

My favourites lined the driveway. Blowsy hydrangeas almost reached the top of the fence in true hydrangea blue. And I've never loved a flower more. The first photo of my Beloved and I as a couple was taken along that row of show-offy blues. Cuttings made it to my mother's garden and spilled from there to my own. Some less blue than I'd hoped, as our soil tends to tint hydrangea petals pink and purple. 

Hydrangea Hedge - Pinterest
But blue will always be my favourite. I'm a firm believer a hint here and there with perhaps one long splash, brings calm and harmony. 

Victorian gardeners liked to think hydrangeas meant harmony too. Others thought them a symbol of friendship, devotion and undersatnding. (Those a little sour in the mouth tried to say they meant puffy with pride.) 

I like hydrangeas for what they bring. As the summer fades to winter, so does each hydrangea ball. They wither with splendid hues of violet, musk, sage and lilac, and sing a softer tune until it's time to deadhead them for winter. 

And then again in spring, they'll reappear as the stars of my garden with the promise to blend and fill the beds alongside many of my other favourites. 

As you'll notice... also blue. 

My Summer Hydrangeas, trying really hard to be 'blue' - Crabapple House

Plubago - Crabapple House

Agapanthus - Crabapple House

More  Agapanthus - Crabapple House

Do you have a favourite blue plant? Are you a lover of hydrangeas? Does a flower remind you of a loved one? 

Blessings for a wonderful weekend,
May you spy a little blue wherever you spend it.