Friday, February 15, 2013

52 Steps to Yesteryear - Write A Love Letter

I know there's a lot of scoffing on Valentine's Day. The slow head shaking as love-sick, hapless shoppers reach into their purses while merchants smile and collect their coins. 

I know most people either run a thousand miles away or embrace it with fondness each year. I'm one who looks forward to February 14th. It's the day I received my first love letter from the man I married a year later. Yes, thanks to peddlers of red roses, my Beloved had occasion to declare his affections a long time ago. And I thank God I've had occasion to respond every day since. 

This year, for the first time since Valentine's Day 1989, I woke up without him. He was away on business and didn't return until later in the evening. But I'd snuck a letter into his luggage when he wasn't looking, knowing he'd mark the day with his own brand of generosity later on. 

But I wanted to be first. So I penned my letter. Not just any letter. A secret love letter, written at my desk with real ink from my favourite fountain pen. Yes, very olde worlde of me. The only thing missing was the wax seal on the back, Victorian era style. And perhaps a lit candle. Oh, why didn't I light an candle? That would've been perfect. 

Love Letter - Crabapple House
Never mind... next year. I was probably too busy getting the words down before being busted at my covert scribblings. 

(And have you ever smuggled a love letter into a locked bag? The unzipping and zipping up again is enough to shatter a window. But I accomplished my mission and waved goodbye as my Beloved left with more than what he'd packed.)

He eventually found my letter, but it remained sealed until the day arrived for him to rip into to. Because if there's anything sneakier than slipping an envelope into someone's bag... it's making them wait to open it. 


Have you ever hidden a love letter for someone to find later on? Have you received a love message left strategically by an admirer?

Blessings for a wonderful weekend,

Whether you find yourself writing new... or reading old love letters.