Friday, March 08, 2013

52 Steps to Yesteryear - Keep a Journal

Yesterday, I started writing a Sudden Glory Journal. Inspired by an online women's devotional, and motivated by changes going on around me, I've decided to capture the moments in my day when God shines right into my heart. 

Photo Source - Rhubarb in the Garden
You know those moments. When all of a sudden, you're aware afresh of God's goodness to you. His mercy. His favour. His presence. When the drag of grey lifts and a soft wind blows, and you're in the thick of something you know is a whisper from heaven. That's a moment worth remembering. 

Victorian era women planned time in their day for journal writing. Right alongside letter writing. Thanks to these careful records, history nuts and romance writers like me get to peek into their daily lives. But not everyday. Somedays are full of the ordinary. 

Take this afternoon, when I found myself sneaking a break from kitchen chores. Even though the day bore down with overwhelming heat, my shady spot in the garden clouded over with late afternoon misery. A hot and dark day for a busy and harried mum. With poor Gilbert in my lap, I sang the first words my heart reached for. 

Jesus, what a beautiful name,
Son of God, Son of Man,
Lamb that was slain,  (Do you know that one?)
Joy and peace, strength and hope,
Grace that blows all fears away, 
Jesus, what a beautiful name. 

Who knows if Gilbert's ever been sung to before. And it was a first for me... to sing to a cat, but there under the peach tree, I stole a moment to praise God for the peace He brings, thanks to the redeeming work of His son. 

Under the peach tree - Crabapple House
And I want to remember that. In a day where I had four tradesmen in and out of our home, meals to cook, writing tasks and preparations for the weekend to distract me, I wanted to remember those three minutes. The words which lifted my soul, and the contented cat in my lap. 

So I wrote it down. I unscrewed my fountain pen lid and on the diary page marked March 7, I wrote, 'Hymn singing with Gilbert under peach tree.' Less than ten words to sum up the Sudden Glory moment. Like a favourite snapshot, I'll frame these Sudden Glory moments with my words. Right there, beside appointment times for painters and carpenters, and reminders to buy steel wool and fresh bread.

In my everyday, I'll add The Everlasting himself. Right where He appears, alongside me. 

How about you? Do you keep a spiritual journal? A prayer journal? How do you remember the Sudden Glory moments? 

Blessings for a wonderful weekend,