Monday, March 18, 2013

Mary Moore - Beauty In Disguise

Mary Moore has been writing historical fiction for more than 15 years. After battling and beating breast cancer, Mary is even more excited about her career, as she incorporates some of her struggles throughout her books, dedicated to encouraging others in the Lord and using her writing for God’s glory. Mary is a native of the Washington, DC area, but she and her husband, Craig, now live in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in southwestern Virginia. When not writing, she loves to read, minister in her church, and spend time with her husband and black lab, Darcy.

Mary would love to hear from you! She can be reached by visiting her website at

Beauty in Disguise ~ After her scandalous first Season, Lady Kathryn needs a new beginning. Concealing her stunning hair and sapphire eyes beneath a dowdy fa├žade, she’s grateful to earn her keep as companion, Kate Montgomery. Until she comes face-to-face with her past in Lord Dalton, the only man she has ever loved.

The debutante Dalton fell in love with years ago was beautiful beyond compare. The gentle, mysterious young woman he encounters at a country house has qualities he now values more highly-until he learns of her deception. Kate has broken his heart not once, but twice. 

Can faith help him see that love, like true beauty, always comes to light?

Sounds like a great read, doesn't it? Here's more about author Mary Moore... 

If I could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, it would be... Ireland or England. My ancestry is almost entirely Irish (my maiden name is O’Leary and my mom’s maiden name was Callaghan!) And as a Regency fanatic, I mean author, I’d love to see some of the places I write about.

One thing I enjoyed today is... I’m in the middle of a Beth Moore Bible study on the Fruit of the Spirit. She is training us to get into the habit of starting each day with the words, “I am happy I can serve the Lord today!” So that is my joy today.

A secret pleasure of mine is... Playing computer mahjong. I could play it for hours if I had the time. Since I’ve started writing, I barely have time to do that and to read a book every once in awhile. But computer mahjong is my “relaxer” for when I don’t want to think about one single thing!

A moment that changed my life is... There are two major moments that changed my life (and many medium and tiny moments as well). The first is the day I married my awesome husband. The second is the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

When I was a child I wanted to...  Be the first girl playing professional football! Fortunately, after one “season” of girl’s flag football, that desire fled!

I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but... I don’t eat any fruits or vegetables. I know that’s really bad, isn’t it? I will eat an apple if you make me and I can stomach frozen corn (off the cob only) but that’s it. Just don’t like any of them. (Don’t worry, enough people yell at me for it!) :0)


If you'd like a chance to win a copy of Mary's Beauty in Disguise, please leave a comment below. Tell us what food you hate to eat and who makes you eat it. When I was a girl, it was my mum's bean soup. My brother and I would do anything to not eat it... including accidentally spilling in onto the clean table cloth. Didn't end well for any of us.... but I love it now. 

How about you? What do/did you hate to eat? I'll announce the winner in the comment thread on Friday. Good luck.... :)