Friday, May 03, 2013

Steps to Yesteryear - Polish Silver

Once a year I polish my little stash of sliver trinkets. I like to grab the polishing cloth the week leading into Easter, as that's when my loved ones gather around the table for a special feast. Here at Crabapple House, we celebrate Greek Easter ~ and for us that's this Sunday. 
Photo Source ~ The Murmuring Cottage

Most other weeks of the year I don't give the silverware much thought. I might admire a silver teapot or sugar bowl as I pass by, but it's not until I'm looking at my upside-down reflection in the serving spoons, that I admire my collection of shiny tea time accoutrements. 

Most pieces are wedding presents. Others I collected over the years of our marriage. Some purchases turned out to be fake, silver-looking veneer, and I've had no qualms tossing them in the bin when I realised their tarnish would never shift.

But there's something better than sparkly silver pieces on the dining table. Something even more sought after than gold. 

Proverbs 16 encourages the getting of wisdom, over the pursuit of riches. Understanding, as something we're to crave in preference to worldly riches and collectables. 

I've been reminded once again how this applies to me this week. Blessed by the wise counsel of my family, writing friends from Australia and abroad, and my church community, they've spoken truths more precious than any antique tea sets. 

You might share my experiences. You may have occasion to dust and polish your precious knickknacks, but at day's end, no matter how well our things twinkle on the sideboard, it's the people God brings into our world and their collective hearts which matter most. 

Silver Tea Tray ~ Crabapple House

So while I lay the heirloom linens, set the crystal glasses and  arrange the polished red eggs onto our Easter table, I'll be praising God for the resurrection of the Lord Jesus and the transformation He brings to the lives of those who truly belong to Him.

A little spit and polish goes a long way. But never as far as wisdom, delivered from one honest heart to the other, and held there against all other pursuits. 

Blessings for a wonderful weekend, dear friends. Whether you're celebrating Easter, or simply living in the radiance of His joy and truth ~ may you be blessed by the wisdom that is better than any silver. 

How much better to get wisdom than gold, 
To get insight rather than silver. 
Proverbs 16:16