Friday, June 07, 2013

Steps to Yesteryear - Winter Mornings

Photo Source - The Murmuring Cottage
The wooden fence around our vegetable garden soaked up so much of last night's rain, by midday it steamed like a locomotive in the winter sun. I wish I had my phone on me when I spied the sight... and regret not running upstairs to grab it for a fabulous photo opportunity. It's not everyday I see the fence pumping plumes of steam befitting an olde worlde railway platform. 

But I've had the gadgets hiden most of this week. Beeps and rings turned to low, and the internet silenced, until the words I wish to see before day's end fill the page. (ok, some gadgets don't ever dim ~ I may gag Google, but the cursor remains)

Huddled beneath my writing shawl, I've nestled into a wintery routine of low lights, candles and pots of tea... and let the dawn frosts hit all momentum thieves.

My Writing Shawl ~ Crabapple House

I'm drawn to early morning. Especially in winter. Before much of the day's had a chance to melt into busyness, I love to scratch away at my journal with ink pen and capture the thoughts that follow dreams. To ponder my plans for the day and God's nudging of my heart as I'll record it, someday... further along.  

Better than a steaming bowl of porridge, a morning talk with God fortifies me for the day ahead. 

But not everyone likes an early start. I was one such mama when my babies rang the wake up bells. But now, I find the silence of a household not yet awake, a stolen moment in time. How about you? Are you a morning person, or are you just gearing up when the sun sinks into a glorious puddle? Or perhaps, you're somewhere in between...

Blessings for a wonderful weekend,