Monday, December 23, 2013

Susan Fish ~ Seeker of Stars

It's my pleasure to welcome my final guest author for 2013, Susan Fish. Susan's a writer, poet and editor living with her family in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  A former Director of Communications for Habitat for Humanity Canada, Susan has been writing and editing for clients for nearly two decades, and operates Storywell, a company that helps people tell their stories well. She has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally for fiction and poetry. She blogs at

Seeker of Stars 

As a boy, Melchior is fascinated by stars but has rigid obligations to apprentice with his rug-making father. When his life is radically changed, he is propelled onto a new path full of danger and glory in pursuit of a special star. The journey leads Melchior to reflect on life and death, dreams and duty, and to find unusual reconciliation within his family and with the God he never knew he sought. Destined to become a classic, Seeker of Stars offers a fresh retelling of the story of the magi, and will appeal to people of all ages and faiths.

Susan says...

If I could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, it would be...Saint Petersburg, Russia because I would love to see the art at the Hermitage, because I’m writing a novel with a character who was born in Russia, and because I would love to experience its famed White Nights where the sun doesn’t really set. My husband is not so keen on this idea and right now I imagine Russia would be rather cold so my plan B would be a return visit to the Blue Mountains, just outside Sydney. Ah, excellent first AND second choice, Susan. :) 

One thing I enjoyed today is...An early morning walk with my dog after a light, early snowfall that has made everything fresh and bright. The sun is watery and pale and the trees are bare and any bit of colour stands out brilliantly.

A secret pleasure of mine is...Playing hide and seek with my children. They are all teenagers now but we all love it – at least I know I do. My heart pounds every time I hide.

A moment that changed my life is...probably the birth of my first child. All through the pregnancy, I didn’t quite believe I could be The Mother, but when he was born and I looked at his face, I thought, “Ohhh…I can be your mother.” That's really cute. :)

When I was a child I wanted to...I can think of three things I wanted to do or thought I could do as a child. I dreamed of flying and wanted to be able to do so; I thought one day I would be able to know everything there was to know and to have read all the books there were to read; and I wanted to grow up to be a writer of stories.

I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but...I’m a pretty fearful person – snakes, heights, some public speaking. My mother always says that I have a vivid imagination that needs to be engaged or it will find something to fix on. She’s right so it’s a good thing that I am a writer, I think. Thanks for joining us, Susan. I love the premise of your book, Seeker of Stars. 


If you'd like to end the year with a Christmas inspired story, enter in the comments below with the name of your favourite Christmas carol or song, and you'll be in the running to win a copy of Seeker of Stars

I love Go Tell It On The Mountain. How about you? 

Good luck and happy reading,