Friday, February 07, 2014

52 Author Dates ~ Week 6

Take Your Writing Outside

52 Dates For Writers tells me to take my writing outside because writing away from the comfort of inside not only allows for creativity flow in new ways, but aids in trouble shooting.

Ok, I'm committed to meeting all 52 challenges. And we all know how annoying trouble can be and how shots need firing when issues need sorting. So I bid farewell to my favourite writing room. For a morning. 

My dedicated writing space at Crabapple House sits upstairs where good friends books line the shelves and overflow to the floor where they knock against my ankles if I'm not careful where I step. 

(One of my author dates coming up is the challenge to Transform Your Writing Space. More about that later this year, and not a day too soon!) 

It's in this upstairs hidey-hole where most of my writing happens. I'm a creature of habit. I don't like to mess with my routine too much. On special occasions, I've followed my Beloved on business trips and written in hotel lounges, airport transit lounges, and any other lounge travellers find themselves. 

But I've stayed indoors, where all sensible writers work, right?  

Well, yesterday, I followed my 52 Dates instructions and set myself up in the outside section of a local cafe. (Gasp) 

With the stinking heat we've endured these last few weeks, it wasn't long before the sun beat down on the concrete floor and bounced up into the those brave enough to take their morning tea outside. Me included. 

At a quiet corner table, I cranked up the laptop and spread out my notes. 

But not before I winked at the cute toddler drawing on a wall-mounted blackboard with a stub of chalk as big as her fist. And not before I listened (couldn't help myself) to a group of mums discuss the names their mutual friend should chose for her newborn daughter. And not before I smiled at two patrons sitting back to back at different tables who worked out they were both celebrating their birthdays, and took a moment to wish each other a happy day. 

With my earbuds forgotten at home, there was no way to drown the happy chatter, and it drew me in. But I kept at my work, desperate for the moment when the last mum found her little one's flip flops and bundled him out of there for his nap. 

By then, my laptop was running low on juice, so I relocated to another outdoor table near an electrical plug. Under a giant fan, I cooled off a little and chased my coffee with a full carafe of water. And in that summery stillness where the whirring fan blew golden silence, I rewrote a scene and sorted the tangle I'd been working on at home. 

Did the change in writing environment help? Did the prickle of perspiration on my arms and legs heighten a sense I don't normally engage in my writing? 

Rel Mollet and Dorothy Adamek
I can't say for sure. But after three hours, I was happy with my achievements and glad for my reward ~ lunch with a kindred spirit who loves books more than anyone I know and who walked through the door to rescue my melted self at just the right moment. 

And secure us a table in the air-conditioned section of the cafe. (Thanks, Rel) 


Have you ever taken an indoor activity, outside? Relocated... and found you blitzed your goals for the day? 

Blessings for a wonderful weekend,