Friday, February 28, 2014

52 Author Dates ~ Week 9

Indulge Your Biggest Passion

I've reached the tail end of a long writing project. 

It's done. Smack hands together in accomplishment. Roll kinks out of shoulders. I can now take time to locate the mop and bring my house to order. 

Keep Calm And Write On

And... no. While I enjoy keeping Crabapple House a tidy nest,
housewifery is not my BIGGEST passion. This Cinderella's mind is already pondering what comes next. 

And do you know what thrills me the most? 

Ripping into the next long writing project. 
Climbing Rose ~ Crabapple House

I guess I'm cheating on this week's challenge, a little. I'm not going far. Hey, I'm not really going anywhere. My biggest passion hums within and any author will tell you... there's nowhere to hide from the story. 

52 Dates For Writers suggests indulging in something other than writing when our story needs a poke or a prod.

I'm not there this week. I'm at the point where I'm soaring to have reached the end of a goal, and looking for a place to land where I can pick at another one. (Oh, I sound like a vulture ~ not very Ink Dots of me!) 

I consider myself blessed to carry around my biggest passion, but... 

if I were at a low, 

if I needed to nourish my flagging spirits, 

if I needed to indulge... I'd go where I've always found refreshment. 

My garden. And that's where I'm headed in the days ahead. After hosting a gang of landscapers in my yard since November for a pool installation, my poor, neglected garden is crying out for attention. Now that the last power tool's been packed away and the yard emptied of saw horses and paver pallets, I can reclaim and re-nourish what's been lost since early summer. 

Garden at Crabapple House

Trim. Feed. Water. I'll love my Crabapple House garden back to life and in doing so, breathe a little back into my own heart. Perhaps, that's exactly what God intended for my writer's soul. 

I hope a slice of your weekend includes indulging in a passion of your own.