Friday, May 09, 2014

52 Author Dates ~ Week 19

Go House Hunting
Glen Isla House ~ Phillip Island

52 Dates For Writers encourages me to know where my characters live. Really know. 

Hmmm... A dream assignment for a writer of historical romance.  

I get to poke around the archives of time and find inspiration in some of the country's best homesteads or most primitive mud huts. 

Lucky for me, I'm writing about an island where my family have holidayed for more than 40 years, and my scenes take place on beaches where my own children have played since they could waddle to the rock pools with their spades. The author hunt for historical details has brought me to Glen Isla House, the 1870s kit home shipped from America to this remote Australian island, south of Melbourne.   
Of all the houses I've set my stories so far, Phillip Island's heritage listed property, Glen Isla House, is my favourite. Am I writing the story of the original owners? Not this author. 

But I am inspired by this American kit home which found it's way to a remote island off the Australian coast in the 1870s, at just the time my fictional characters needed to build a home. 

Coincidence? Yes. 

Inspiration? Buckets full. And oh, how I had fun exploring this location and spending a night with my Beloved in the romantic Anderson Suite.   

Glen Isla ~ Phillip Island 

Hidden away from the road at the end of a pretty driveway, Glen Isla House awaits those who appreciate the charms of history, delicious local food, and a vine covered walkway to the beach at the bottom of the garden gate.

It's been a family home, working farm, and more recently, Phillip Island's top B&B. 

Glen Isla House ~ Circa 1880

Featured on TV shows and in magazines, it's hard not to fall in love with the two acre property of house, cottages, gatehouse and heritage listed surrounds. Owners Ian and Madeleine Baker know how to offer seclusion in a romantic setting, with just the right amount of charm and hospitality. They're generous in sharing their home and property, their antique furniture and English style gardens with those who care to stop awhile, and step into the pages of history. 

American Style Glen Isla House ~ Phillip Island
Go house hunting? Find the perfect stage for hero and heroine to sort out their issues? 

Tick, tick... and a hundred more ticks. 

Don't you agree this is just the inspiration for an historical romance? 

Blessings for a wonderful weekend,