Friday, June 06, 2014

52 Author Dates ~ Week 23

Welcome Winter ~ Crabapple House

Watch The Weather

I saved this author date for Australia’s first week of winter because I figured, (way back in the thick of summer) that by now there’d be a shiver-fest of frost and romantic wind gales to pack into this post. 

Surprise, surprise. Melbourne delivered not only a few fire worthy mornings, but a few glorious afternoons, as well. 

Melbournians will tell you if you don’t like our weather to just wait fifteen minutes. Chances are, the other seasons will turn up.

True to form, Melbourne’s winter didn’t disappoint in its predictability. It snuck in this week as if it wasn’t quite sure it was allowed to be here. Fog hung over the roads to school wrapping well known landmarks in early morning secrets. Drizzle played until midday and cleared into sun drenched afternoons. 

Farewell Roses ~ Crabapple House
Gilbert the cat sipped from puddles wherever he found them and snuggled next to the fire to dry his wet fur while the last of my roses drooped under raindrop skirts. 

Oh, I watched. I kept a winter weather diary to record atmosphere. I pondered how my characters’ moods might be reflected in the weather around them ~ the landscape and all its props.

Many will admit they love winter, but what they really mean is they love arming themselves against it. I’m the first to put my hand up for steaming mugs of coffee, apple cakes with homemade custard and soft blankets that smell a little like wood smoke. 

And fingerless gloves for those mornings when the family is still asleep and the keyboard is almost too cold to touch. 

If you’d like to arm yourself for the winter, I’d love to share a pair of my Mum’s fingerless gloves. Knitted with love, I have another pair for one lucky Ink Dots friend. (The last giveaway was in the middle of our summer.)

You might need them now, or you may wish to tuck them away for when winter has returned to your part of the world. Either way, they’re too pretty to ignore. 

Fingerless Gloves 
Leave a comment below to be in the draw. Share the kind of weather you like to ‘watch’ the most. Miserable and romantic, or sun-kissed and warm?

Blessings for a wonderful weekend,