Friday, July 25, 2014

52 Author Dates ~ Week 30

Transform Your Writing Space

Howdy folks. Do you hear me speaking American like a local? I'm rolling my Rs like I'm supposed to. :) 

That's because earlier this week I packed my ruby slippers and headed off to the Romance Writers of America conference in San Antonio, Texas. This is my first RWA conference and I’m so thrilled to be here.

(Offering quiet, ferverent prayers on my behalf about now would bless me beyond measure. Thank you, dear friends.)

Before I left home, I took on the 52 Author Dates challenge to Transform Your Writing Space. If you’re like me, you like returning from a trip to a clean house. Writing room included.

So I tidied my book piles as best I could. Overflowing bookshelves are my biggest problem these days, but I hope to soon remedy that with more shelves ~ never less books.

52 Dates for Writers encourages the author to incorporate symbols of their writing in their environment. I had plenty of these already. So I dusted off …

A beach rock from a collection in the rockpools at Ventnor, Phillip Island. It symbolizes the smoothing of ragged edges in the life of my heroine, as seen by the hero who gives her a rock almost identical to this one.

And a dotted quinea fowl feather from my father-in-law’s farm. One I’d love to fashion into a writer’s quill, someday.

A women’s magazine with an article written by me. The first paid writing job I secured at age 15.

And a photograph of my Beloved in N.Y. (without me) arms outstretched, calling my name and wishing I were with him for a carriage ride through Central Park. He's the one who keeps me believing in the beauty of romance.
My desk at Crabapple House
The sentimental desk-bound writer in me is more than happy to be surrounded by these tokens because they all mark turning points in my writing life and I love to remember how far I’ve come.

52 Dates For Writers tells me changing your writing space is also a good way to mark the beginning of work on a new manuscript or distinction between different projects.

I know from the other writing conferences I’ve attended, I never return the same. So I’ve cleared my desk in anticipation and prepared it with a small token for my return.

A velvety pansy. 

A tiny welcome~home pot to symbolize the growth I look for in myself, the hope I hold for my stories, and the inspiration and opportunities I know I’ll carry home with me next week. 

Until then, 
Blessings for a wonderful weekend. 

And don't forget to pray for me. 
Thanks, lovely friends...