Monday, September 01, 2014

Melissa Jagears ~ A Bride In Store

I'm so thrilled to welcome Melissa Jagears back to Ink Dots. This week we're celebrating her newest release, A Bride In Store

Melissa is a stay-at-home mother on a tiny Kansas farm with a fixer-upper house. Her passion is to help Christian believers mature in their faith and judge rightly. Learn more at

A Bride In Store ~ Mail-order bride Eliza Cantrell is on her way to meet her intended groom and help him grow his general store business when her train is held up by robbers and she loses her dowry. She's further thwarted upon arriving in Salt Flatts only to find Axel, her groom, away on business.

Hoping a wife would push Axel to become a better business partner, William Stanton had encouraged him to seek a mail-order bride. With Axel gone, Will feels responsible for Eliza, so he finds her a place to stay and lets her help in the store.

Working together isn't what they'd expected, and when Axel is further delayed, neither can ignore the sparks that fly. But Eliza is meant for Axel and is set on a future with the store, while Will is biding time until he can afford medical school.

Their troubles are far from over when Axel returns to town, however, and soon both Will and Eliza must decide what they're willing to sacrifice to chase their dreams--or if God has a new dream in store for them both.

Melissa Says... 

If I could explore anywhere in the world tomorrow, it would be... A castle in Europe. I don't know which one, that would be a hard choice! You'd find yourself in good company. European castles are the top answer for this question from my author guests. :) 

The best thing I did today is... Well since I just got up I'd say, made a baby stop crying.  Yay, I can see why you'd want to celebrate that. Well done! 

A secret pleasure of mine is... Circus Peanuts (Do you have them in Australia? Link to article about how you love or hate them: I love them, if not careful I can eat the whole bag in a day. Wow, we don't have them in Australia and I'd never heard of them before today! I think the article is right. They're a real enigma! :) 

I wish I could relive the day when I... Got married, because I would do some things over! I'd listen to the violin, I'd have brought my photographer a copy of the list of what pictures to take that he forgot to bring that made that into a time-consuming task that most of my guest got too impatient to wait for us to return so we could have talked to more out-of-towners, and I'd have eaten dinner! Ha, ha... yes, many brides could relate to your wish list. Especially the eating part. I haven't a clue about what was on my plate. 

When I was a child I dreamed I would... Go to India, I went to China, so I got close! 

I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but... I hardly keep things about myself to myself, so if you ask me a question, I'll answer it.
Thanks for sharing with us today, Melissa. I wish you every success with A Bride In Store. 


If you'd like to win a copy of Melissa's A Bride In Store, tell us if you've been to India, and why.... or how close you've come. Melissa made it as far as China. I used to live in Bangkok and that's the closest to India I ever came.  

How about you? Where on the map is your closest to India spot? 

Comment below and I'll announce the winner on Friday. 

Good luck, and happy reading ,