Sunday, January 24, 2010

Home Again

It's time to brush the sand away, buy school shoes and dead head the summer roses. In less then 2 weeks schools will reopen and most Australian families will be back to familiar routines. It takes me some time to move on from holiday mode. Sleeping in is a luxury we have all enjoyed as well as catching up with friends. And I couldn't neglect to mention the wonderful weeks we spent at Phillip Island enjoying the sun and water. While I am sorry to see the summer holiday routine come to an end, I will be glad to see my children enter another school year with all the possibilities and adventures ahead. When routines are re-established, we know we are Home Again.

Famous 19th century Australian painter Frederick McCubbin painted a scene in 1884 he called Home Again. The painting depicts the return of what could be a miner to his family home. While the dog appears happy enough for his master's return, the wife strikes an interesting pose. Is she happy her husband has returned? Did she ever expect him to? There are many layers to this story if you look at the picture carefully.

On a quick trip to my local shops this week I came across a copy of this painting. Displaced from the wall where it once belonged, it sat upside down in a cluster of orphan prints in a dusty thrift shop. And it called to me. For a few dollars I made it mine and it will hang in my study along with other 19th century treasures I am in the habit of picking up along the way.

I'm drawn to it because it shows the inside of a home in the time period I love to research. And there is a love story somewhere in there too. Do you think this homecoming will go smoothly? Is the wife happy or stunned to see her husband return? How long do you think he has been away?

My homecoming, back to blogging, is something I return to with anticipation! One of my writing goals this year is to continue to write here and maintain the relationships with my wonderful blogging friends. The other is to complete my manuscript by the end of May. Yes, there we are. I have said it, out loud now. My self imposed deadline is the last day of May.

I know I have a little catching up to do with all the blogs I follow. There are many writing goals being worked on right now and I'm sure I will read about them all as I make the rounds of my favorite blog sites. My 2010 has been slow in getting started, and I'm ok with that. January means holidays here, and there's a real need to unwind and soak in the sun. But as for me and my house... we look to 2010 to do our best in achieving the goals God has set before us and to bring Him glory in all we do.

Joshua 24:15     As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.