Friday, September 19, 2014

52 Author Dates ~ Week 36

Go Dancing 

This week’s Author Date challenge called for 20 minutes of dancing.

On my own or with others. Freestyle, waltz... zorba. 

My dancing came after a happy email from the Tampa Area Romance Authors. 

I’m thrilled to announce I received word on Sunday that I’m the Winner of the 2014 Inspirational Category of the TARA contest. An excerpt from my 1850’s Australian goldfields series caught the eye of judges and editors, and that folks, is plenty of reason to kick up my ruby slippers. 

At first I danced alone. In my pjs. Celebrating with God in thankful whispers. That quiet little jig you do when good news hits before dawn and you must keep quiet because the rest of the house is sleeping. 

But my feet kept moving and soon enough I’d knocked on doors and alerted my family. 

Trusted friends upped the tempo when I texted my news and they replied in equal measure with their own brand of dancing ~ emoticons and stickers and rows of exclamation marks. 

Later that day, I announced my win on facebook, and many of YOU kicked up your heels and joined the conga line. And the fun continued well into the night when sweet souls cut in from all over the world. 

Dancing with my Beloved
By Wednesday, I’d been snoopy dancing for a lot more than 20 minutes. And Wednesday delivered the best dance partner I could wish for. 

My Beloved returned from an overseas work tip and the real celebrating took off. 

Kitchen style dancing with plenty of un-choreogrpahed dips and lifts.

I’m blessed to be surrounded by dance partners from all over the world. THANK YOU all so very much for cheering for me. Winning a writing contest two years in a row really does put a spring in a girl’s step. 

Ink Dots friends, you always jive with me and I can’t imagine Snoopy Dancing without YOU.

Blessings for a wonderful weekend