Wednesday, December 31, 2014

52 Author Dates ~ Weeks 51 & 52

Lord, guide me around this next bend...
Do Something To Get Your Adrenaline Going, AND Meditate. 

I saved the best for last. You bet I did. 

After a year of following the 52 Dates For Writers book, I've reached the end. Thank you so much for sharing in my adventures in 2014. I've posted from my hometown of Melbourne, from Sydney, Phillip Island, as well as San Antonio, USA, Indonesia and Singapore.

No matter where I've been, it takes courage to show up on the page and realise as a writer I'll be exposed to the scrutiny of something I’ve created from the deepest part of my heart. All of the dates in 52 Dates For Writers are designed to help me become the kind of writer who is not afraid to look inwards in order to write. 

And THIS gets my adrenaline going. Make no mistake. Every time I write a blog post, my adrenaline trips and pumps a little faster. Each time I enter a writing contest or share a chapter with a writing buddy, my words are delivered with a blood red ribbon. That scarlet twist of anxiety, pride and fear. These are the emotions I can’t escape as an author.

This adrenaline has run all year long. It picked up pace after the RWA conference in San Antonio and RWAust conference in Sydney, where I consulted with self publishing experts, among a swell that’s rising and gathering many in its fold. And the mood in the indie writing community is buoyant and celebratory. The fuel of happy adrenaline. 

For me, it spilled over when I won the Inspirational Category of the TARA Writing Contest in the middle of this year. 

To cool my ruby slippered heels and make sure I’m on the right road God has for me... I pray. I meditate on His word and voice to me. After all, I know it’s God who layered the writing dream in my heart when I was clueless as to where it would land me. Or cost me. And it’s God who’s rescued my writing dreams and set me on the course I’m on now.

After much prayer and meditation I’m looking forward to the culmination of my writing dreams. 

Being able to share my Phillip Island series with dear readers is my aim for 2015. Yes, I’ve now got a plan and dates for my book releases. If that’s not enough to launch a flood of adrenaline and humble prayers, I don’t know what is.

And with your encouragement, God’s direction and my Beloved’s unending support, I plan on returning to this blog with my author announcements sometime next year.

There’s solid work to be done for this little Aussie author in 2015, but I have the best support team. So keep your eyes on this space... I can’t wait to share my author news with you. Your prayers have always blessed me. Please keep them coming, (even when I’m absent, head down, writing hard) and when the time is right... I’ll have my best adrenaline-shooting book news, right here on Ink Dots. 

Happy 2015, dear friends. 

Blessings for the New Year, my dear friends. May God rise and reign in our lives with His wisdom. And may 2015 unveil another flood of happy adrenaline right from God’s heart... to yours. 

Love to you,