Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Work In Progress

Yes, I disappeared a bit in November.  I've been writing madly. Not blog entries, but words which went towards my tally for the NaNoWriMo competition. The National Novel Writing Month has grown to become an international machine which grinds its way through the month of November, as thousands of competitors scribble their way to a writing goal of 50,000 words. Lasting the entire month of November, and not a second more, the goal of writing so many words loomed insurmountable at first. But with many friends attempting the challenge, and the encouragement of my wonderful family and those who have done it before, I soldiered on...... and finally made it to the finish line!
With 50,179 words in total, I have a better feel for where my story is going, a clearer picture of my characters and their motivations, and a stronger desire to see this project through to the end.
I know now more than ever before, how much work awaits me before I can bring my story to completion. But I have plans for my work in progress. Plans for my characters to grow and unfold as the story takes shape, plans for secrets to spill out and hearts to be broken by man and mended by God. My plans include days and days of rewriting and editing, rewriting and editing ... and rewriting some more. But even though there's lots to do, I'm excited to continue and finish what I've started.
And I am encouraged to know my creativity is a reflection of the Holy God I belong to. He is also working on a project of character development. Me. As His child I can rest on the promise that the work He has begun in me, will one day be brought to completion, according to His will and purposes for my life.

When Paul wrote his letter to encourage the people of Phillipi, he reminded them of God's hand in their growth and direction as believers.
 Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion
 until the day of Christ Jesus. Phil 1:6

This is the same promise which encourages me too. I'll have to wait and see what happens with my writing and where it will go from here... but I am sure of one thing. God's hand on my life is a given. And the spiritual work He has begun in me will reach a perfect conclusion one day. 

What about you? Are you encouraged to know you are one of God's works in progress?