Friday, June 25, 2010

Facebook Friday
Reports from those who play Facebook this week tell us we have soldiered on and survived the wintery week on apple crumble and coffee. How I rejoiced at the many status declarations of winter baking and feasting.

My other friends, who are playing in the summer sun, have limped through their scorcher of a week with grateful thanks to God for air-conditioning, frozen berries and frappe.

In the midst of temperature extremes, one Facebook status caught my attention. Minutes before my bedtime, as a new day brushed a far off corner of the world, a friend stopped to drink in the moment and share her morning with me. There, in my most celebrated winter, her four word status made me long for summer like a fickle minded sky.

"Early morning rain... peaceful"

Thank you Carla. You made me turn from my love of frosty mornings to yearn for warmer, lighter days. Rain filled and fresh, I could smell the air outside your window and wondered whether you sat with your Bible on a screened porch to listen and pray.

As the night hemmed us in, I was glad to know someone else had been touched by the miracle of a new day.