Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Victorian Underwear

Here's an invitation I would love to accept (click). It's a Reader's Getaway with one of my favorite historical writers Deeanne Gist. Her novels are a treat to read and I savor each chapter.

Anything with the label Victorian has an easy task of grabbing my attention and this event ticks all the boxes. There will be books and writers, a Victorian mansion tour, carriage rides, as well as dressing up in period costumes. That's right folks, I said dressing up. If there were ever a Dotti retreat, this is it.

What will make the getaway unforgettable for lovers of historical details, is the demonstration of what Victorian era women wore under their gowns. This video gives those like me, in another hemisphere, a sneak peak at what we'll be missing.

Never mind. I can dream. I'll wrap my writing shawl a little tighter and grapple with the mysteries of my heroine's wardrobe because even in this short clip, I have learned much.

Thanks Dee, for letting me share this video here and best wishes for a wonderful retreat.