Friday, July 30, 2010

Facebook Friday

I must confess when it comes to the newspaper, I'm a skimmer. I flip through those pages in record time as I scan for important words, get the gist of each article and then move on. If a chunk is too long I move onto the next paragraph. All I want is the details and if the story grabs me, I might re-read it properly to make sure I didn't miss anything.

You might be like me too. Information comes to us in little bites all day long and we've become used to receiving it in all sorts of media. FB is is a great example. If a status is too long, I'm tempted to skip it and read the next one down. I can't help it when there are so many delicious things to discover about the people in my world.

I would even go so far as to guess you have already peeked at the winner of the FB status before finishing this very paragraph. Admit it, you did - didn't you? No? Ok, keep reading then.

When I recently saw a status with one word and one punctuation mark, it grabbed my full attention. Not a difficult challenge you might say, given I skim read. True, but there was something about this freshly added status which made me shiver with excitement. It was only 20 minutes old and already people had commented with happy faces.

The writer was my cousin's husband in Greece. Niko and his beautiful Niki have been married for 15 years and their desire for most of this time has been to start a family. When I read Niko's status I knew some serious praying had not gone unheard.

Niko - 2!

Thats right. A number and exclamation mark. It stuck out like a mistake at first, among the lengthier updates of my FB friends. A quick telephone call confirmed the joyous news that not one but two babies are on the way for this excited couple and following Greek customs, this will make me an aunty again, twice over!

A few days later Niko, shared another glimpse of their amazing discovery after a visit to the hospital

Niko - Two tiny hearts... 

For these two wonderful FB status posts, Niko is my Facebook Friday winner of the week.

What a blessing to be able to share life changing news so instantly. I can't wait to log onto Facebook in the months to come and see pink/blue or pink/pink, or blue/blue. What a wonderful way to discover the answer to my prayers, or should I say the answers.  Yes folks, this little FB status took my breath away.