Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Highland Blessings   Jennifer Hudson Taylor

What better way to spend wintery days than reading. We're in the middle of school holidays here and the writing schedule gets a bit lost on lazy mornings and during trips away from home. Fortunately reading fits into my holiday routine as naturally as the peppermint tea in my tea pot.

Last week I read an amazing story set in the Highlands of Scotland in 1473, written by Jennifer Hudson Taylor. Highland Blessings is the story of one bride, kidnapped from her own wedding and forced to marry the chieftain of an enemy clan, and one Scottish hero whose blessing is the feisty bride he steals from her home. Used to bring harmony between two waring families, Akira MacKenzie brings a deeper peace, which she has discovered through the words of scripture. During a time in history when the Bible was highly prized yet rarely held by family priests, the MacPhearson clan is in for some lessons only Akira can share.

Coupled with the budding romance of our hero and heroine is the threat of war and a sinister evil which promises to steal more than a bride from her wedding day. If you love castles, a sprinkling of Scottish brogue, a hint of tartan and the whiff of 15th century herbs, this is the book for you. 

Steep a pot of chamomile and be transported back into a world of medieval romance. You will not be disappointed. I promise ye.