Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wisdom with a dash of Coffee

I wonder whether the authors of The Habits of Good Society compiled for Victorian ladies and gentlemen, ever imagined their words of wisdom would do a complete flip flop in the 21st century. That their well thought out rules of etiquette would not only be ignored, but reversed.

In the Victorian era, lovers of tea and coffee were advised to hold their delicate cups by the handle, just so. Not a desperate grip, no looping of fingers through the handle and under no circumstances, were they to "grasp the vessel with the side of their hand". 

So what would they make of two wonderful cups Australians have embraced for their hot drinks?

I think they would love the hug mug. What a wonderful way to enjoy the warmth of a hot chocolate than to wrap fingers around the bean shaped cup. Even before attempting the steaming frothy bits and the goodness that comes thereafter, this mug has a pre-drink gift. The hug mug warms the drinker even before the drink does. Now that's what I call embracing your brew.

The second cup is a charmer. What better way to savor a coffee than with a hint of melting chocolate, delivered by the aptly named kangaroo cup. Slivers of chocolate sit in the pouch along the rim of this cup, melt, and dribble into your favorite blend. Very clever and dare I say, so very Australian. 

Both cups are available at Max Brenner Chocolate Shop, where my daughter and I had a delicious morning tea with dear friends last week. Fortunately some things in life have stayed the same. Even with the passing of time and new fashions, good friendships remain true. They celebrate the sweetness of life, and stir the bitterness away with a generous sprinkling of fragrant laughter. This is how God designed us. To encourage one another and build each other up.

Victorian wisdom may have been forgotten in the endeavor to elevate our coffee experience, but God's word has never lost its impact. His truth is eternal and every generation can apply His precepts, no matter how they choose to cradle their coffee.

Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; Love her, and she will watch over you. Psalm 4:6