Friday, August 06, 2010

Who's the Boss?

Don't we just love to think we are in control?

We mark the calendar with our plans, decide what meat we need to defrost for tomorrow's dinner and lock the doors. We kiss our kids goodnight, and set the alarm before we tuck ourselves into bed, and who could blame us when the sun rises next morning, for believing we're in control of our little worlds?

We smile when our kids wash a jam jar and label it Savings. We know setting goals and working towards them develops character so we cheer to see them experiment with plans of their own.

In many ways we do enjoy a large measure of control over our lives, but only so far as God allows it. To have faith in God means to recognize His rulership over all His creation. To be in a relationship with Him is to submit to His plans for our lives and desire them over anything else.

This week's Facebook Friday winner is a little cutie whose mum shared one of those golden moments in childhood when 'control' become an issue. Three year old Evie has one older sister and one younger sister. In the world of siblings, I guess she needed to raise her voice one day... and her mama responded as all good mama's do. Here's how the day unfolded for them;

Coral - Just put Evie in her room because she hit Jassie with a piece of Thomas train track. I walked past and she was laying on her bed quietly saying to herself, "Somebody help me...I'm not the boss anymore!" 

Too cute isn't it? What an important life lesson Evie learned that day. For a minute, she thought she was in control, until Mum set her straight. I loved Evie's ability to admit she is not the boss. Even more priceless was her cry, 'Somebody help me." 

What a clever tot to ask for help when faced with her own helplessness. And what blessings await her when she yields her desire to be boss, and follows the real "somebody". 

Psalm 54:4 Surely God is my help, the Lord is the one who sustains me. 
Psalm 73:23 Yet I am always with you: you hold me by my right hand.