Friday, September 03, 2010

 Today and Yesterday

On a church camp earlier this year a dear friend sat beside me and asked how my writing was going. I was surprised she even knew I was working on a novel. Tucked under her arm she had a book on photography, and tucked in her heart a dream to pursue the art beyond mere dabbling. We got to talking about our respective desires and have cheered each other on ever since.

When I needed a photographer to take a few head shots for my newly printed business card, I knew You Meng Hooi and I would have a fun day together. But where do you go in the dead of winter in Melbourne, when your client requests an historic location? You Meng knew just the place.

Built in 1863 on 14 acres, Abbotsford Convent and Bakery has 11 historic outbuildings including laundries and an industrial school. Once a rural refuge for 'fallen women' and orphans, it now sits in the middle of a busy suburb. Almost entirely self sufficient, the original occupants grew all their food and made their own clothes, including shoes and stockings. With stained glass porticoes, tessellated floors and columned walkways, today it's favored by bridal parties and locals alike. The gardens and fresh bread aromas beckon all manner of visitors. Even aspiring historical romance writers.

Somehow we managed to catch the last glimmer of sun before it set, duck the wintery wind, and even grab a loaf before closing time. What a blessing to travel the road together for a while. It's my pleasure to give a cheer for You Meng. I know she is going to capture amazing images of God's world and his people in the days to come. You might like to view the gallery of her work at youmengxphotography.