Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Happy Spring 
and other celebrations

Today we brought in 6 eggs from our chickens. No mean feat, when only 5 hens occupy the coop. How did this happen? I'm guessing one hen laid a little later yesterday, adding her egg to the nest to be gathered with this morning's fresh ones.

My chickens must have an inkling Spring is here, although you would be forgiven for thinking no one told Dreary Winter, with today's constant drizzle and grey skies. Yes, Spring is here officially but methinks the seasons are playing tricks on us all.

All except the chickens. Through the winter months, their egg contribution has been as rare as their teeth and I wondered when they'd get sorted and pay for room and board. After all, I don't run the Poulet Chalet. 

So imagine my delight at the half dozen I received today, on the first day of Spring. I was reminded of my first blog post exactly one year ago today, when I announced with great pride the first celebrated egg from this batch of hens. Just in time to usher in the new season and tying in oh so nicely with my first blog offering.

Fast forward by one year, and in many ways my chickens still remind me of... me.  Compelled by God's prodding I offer something of myself. Somedays it's a struggle and other days it's pure joy. Today, it's a celebration. One full year of sharing my thoughts and dreams with an amazing family of blogging friends who have become like family.

If you are someone who has read my blog, left a comment or emailed me during the last year, you need to know this: You have blessed my writing journey more than I can say. With each exchange you've drawn me closer to my dreams and cheered me on my way. Thank you for encouraging me, making me laugh and letting me share a small slice of Australia with you. Most of all, thank you for the wonderful fellowship we have savored together. Your words in response to mine, have carried and inspired me.

Along with my 6 brown eggs, it's the best birthday present ever!