Tuesday, June 28, 2011

No Walk Today

Writing means lots of re-writing. Scenes I put together many months ago are disappearing from my manuscript... to make it 'sing'. The direction I planned, shifts, and with the help of brilliant counsel, a new route takes shape. It's all good, and sounds very much like life to me, when we live it under the sound of God's word and instruction.

I was challenged this week, to think about the ways God shepherds us when I heard someone refer to Him as the one who 'hems us in.'

God is everywhere. He knows everything and in His providence, cares enough to not only open doors, but close them when it's in our best interest to stay put.

Like the girl in this painting, I may have my best walking jacket on but if God chooses to hem me in, inside is where I must remain.

Disappointment is only fleeting, when we consider He knows best. This is the same God who wove me together in my mother's womb. My frame is never hidden from Him and He knows my heart and deepest thoughts.

He may hem me in today, but that's where I need to be. That's where I want to be, fashioned for whatever he plans next.

You scrutinise my path
And are intimately acquainted with my all my ways
Even before there was a word on my tongue
Behold O Lord you knew it all.
You have hemmed me in, from behind and before
And laid your hand upon me
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me.

Psalm 139:3-5

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Winter Delivery

I've been waiting for the deliveryman.

Twice now he came to the door with a parcel and each time, there was nothing for me. Imagine my delight when his visit today brought a book I ordered two weeks ago.

Now I'm the new owner of a pre-loved book, English Through the Ages. A must for all writers of romance set in a bygone era, this book tells me when a word came into common usage.

Armed with this reference book, I can now confidently know the word 'baby' came into use as a term of endearment in 1870. Really. That long ago...  Lucky for me my hero and heroine whisper sweet nothings in 1875.

Now if I want my heroine to wear a 'tea gown' for an afternoon of entertaining, well, I'll have to wait another 5 years, as that word entered common English in 1880.

And speaking of gowns, and the delicates underneath... not more than half an hour after my first delivery, another one arrived. Yes, two books in one day!

This time the happy arrival was The History of Underclothes. I know... the things I read!

But come on... when you need to know anything about the chemise, the corset, bustles and drawers... you'll know who to ask, and I'll be pleased to dip into my ever growing library of all things yesteryear and we can find the answer together.